Domestic Violence Injunctions

There are four types of Injunctions (sometimes called Orders of Protection in other jurisdictions) in Florida:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Repeat Violence
  • Dating Violence
  • Sexual Violence


If you require a foreign language interpreter, generally, the court will provide one for you as long as you advise the court BEFORE your hearing. 


Generally, children are not permitted to testify at Injunction hearings, unless you file a motion in advance and obtain a court order permitting the child to testify.


Injunction hearings are recorded by the court, so anything you say can be used against you if a criminal case is filed by the State Attorney’s office.  


The entry of an Injunction against you may have other collateral consequences.  For example, you will not be able to carry a firearm, and you may be ineligible for certain employment positions.


Lebron Law, PLLC has experience representing individuals as Petitioners (the person who was the victim of violence) and as Respondents (the person accused of violence).   There are very specific elements of the statute that you must prove.  It’s never a good idea to “represent yourself.”  Call an attorney at Lebron Law, PLLC for an evaluation of your case.


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